Icon English Grammar Success Books Released
Book I: The Verb
Learning English grammar can be tedious when learning activities become as monotonous as memorising grammar rules. English grammar should be viewed and learned as a whole, rather than thousands of separate rules. The emphasis throughout the series is on Wholistic Grammar - the meaning and use of the grammatical forms as a whole. Special attention is given to the parts of speech in English, the key points that are often problems for learners who use English as their second language, such as the meaning of the different verb forms, the functions of words, the tenses, or the complexity of sentence structures. A "part of speech" is also known as "word classes," an important concept in English, which is referred to as one of the eight main categories into which words are classified according to the “part” they play in a sentence. Learning the names of the parts of speech does not help a learner speak or write English better. However, once a learner gains a basic understanding of the eight parts of speech, learning sentence structures and the English language can be much easier. The parts of speech are the building blocks of grammar, and the Icon English Grammar Success helps learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need to use those “blocks” properly. Of course, the verb is the most important "block" of the English language.
Book II: The Noun, the Pronoun and the Article
The Icon English Grammar Success is a series of books, each intended for one’s use when learning English grammar either with a teacher in a classroom or independently. Each book covers an important grammar topic, which starts with an explanation of the grammar and is followed by a set of basic practice exercises. After learning the grammar, one can enhance one’s learning by doing the extra exercises provided in the complete workbook. The Power Up Test at the end of each book gives the opportunity for more practice and helps one assess how much one has learned and see what one may want to study again. This series is developed for pre-intermediate and intermediate leaners, who are no longer beginners but not yet fluent or confident enough in their use of English. The books also help students prepare for TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, CPE, and other exams. The books can be used for self-study, or can be integrated into an EAP (English for Academic Purpose) course.
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