Icon English Reading Success II Released!
Learning a new language can be tedious. Sometimes it feels like a chore, and many times people give up before they have even learned the basics. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that many traditional methods of language teaching have become so predictable and monotonous that they’re just plain boring. Our books aim to change that. The Icon English Reading Success is a series of books, each intended for your use when learning English either with a teacher in a classroom or independently. Within these pages, you’ll find something few language books offer: a story. Using the narrative form, Stages I and II follow the Martin family through their daily lives. Master the present tense and learn new verbs while following Mr. Martin on an average workday at the hospital. Come to understand various grammar rules as the Martin children do things like learn to play guitar, apply for college, and act in the school play. Grasp strange new tenses like present perfect or future continuous as Mrs. Martin tries to balance her work life with her sometimes-chaotic home life.
While Stages One and Two focus on the Martin family and teach beginner and intermediate reading levels, Stage Three is filled entirely with academic reading passages. In Stage Three, readers will learn about politics, the economy, the environment, and much, much more—all while getting a grasp on complex ideas and more complicated aspects of the English language.
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